Adversity Course work

Your life is not over when you have been swept up by adversity. It is just beginning. The same wind that brings the damaging storm also brings the refreshing rains that replenish areas stricken with drought. The same fire that sweeps through the forest and leaves it looking bleak and barren, forces new acorns to explode and release their seeds into the fertile ground. These new seeds, once planted, turn into vegetation nourished by the life-giving potash from the remains of the fire. The fire clears the underbrush and nourishes the soil. Step back and reassess your situation as if you were an outsider looking in. From the inside, you have to manage the emotions that are in play. But from the outside, you can observe as a bystander and get started crafting a plan to put it all back together

Lessons Introduction

In a world fixated on living a long life, living the good life, and obtaining a better quality of life, it is easy to overlook the importance of the life to come. Take the time to look beyond the things of this world and consider your eternity. This will help you to keep perspective when you are faced with adversity. This course illustrates the gifts and gems that can be found in adversity. EHAS wanted to share with you how to survived the darkest time of your life and how to reshaped your destiny. Here are the lessons that adversity taught many.  

Resilience and Tolerance of Pain

Endurance through pain is built by experience. Remember that the next time you go through a tough season. You are building your strength and ability to make it through challenging times.

Finding Purpose

Having a purpose leads to a more meaningful life. People facing adversity without finding purpose may find life to be pointless. On the other hand, to those who did find their purpose, every adversity has a meaning, contributing to one’s growth over time.

Reinventing Your Life

Though you may be walking in a cold and barren wilderness, you must not succumb to fear. Something great is in store for you. It may be new. It may be frightening. It may cause you to dig deeper than you've ever had to. But what you will discover will be nothing short of miraculous. You may discover the diamonds in the depths.


No matter if your destiny is to serve truckers at a country road rest stop or to discover the cure for a deadly virus when you are living in your destiny, you are full of bliss. Look at people who work long hours playing basketball or building houses. Look at people with seemingly difficult jobs, such as working in Intensive Care with critically ill patients or performing death-defying stunts in a motion picture. They love what they do. Days are not merely the laborious quest for a paycheck. Instead, it is the fulfillment of destiny. As the famous quote goes, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” 

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