EHAS transforms narratives into courses designed to enhance your understanding of how mindset influences both successes and failures. Our courses distinguish between fixed mindsets, where inherent qualities are deemed static, and growth mindsets, emphasizing the belief that qualities and abilities can be cultivated through sustained effort and dedication. Join us on a journey of personal and professional development.

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"The results of these courses will help youths, and adults alike embrace a mindset for better relationships and motivated, productive and resilient."

- Brisannie Fyffe

Food for the mind

his program aims to assist young individuals in actively seeking opportunities to challenge their minds, fostering learning and improvement. Participants are encouraged to use feedback as a valuable tool for personal growth.

Team Building

In our knowledge-driven society, enhanced critical thinking contributes to improved knowledge acquisition. The cultivation of critical thinking skills, facilitated by this program, supports team building by enabling individuals to analyze and evaluate information effectively. This, in turn, empowers teams to extract the maximum amount of knowledge from the information at hand.

Youth Interactions

Engaging in conversations involves various purposes, from sharing information and expressing physical or emotional needs to establishing personal connections through small talk. However, the unfolding of these interactions is not predetermined and scripted. Nevertheless, we can enhance our social awareness, prepare our thoughts before starting conversations, and employ strategies to maintain meaningful connections.

Hi, my name is Cornell Bunting

As an author and motivational speaker, I connect deeply with my audience through words. My powerful writing inspires and entertains both children and adults. However, few are aware of the catalyst behind my brilliant writing, poetry, and inspirational speaking. My drive to reach as many people as possible stems from my own harrowing story of survival, inspiration, and motivation.

I have extended my impact through my nonprofit organization, EHAS, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. I truly believe in using EHAS to foster self-reliance and a growth mindset in disadvantaged youths. Our mission is to empower young people to develop a healthy sense of value and self-reliance.

My journey began with my first job teaching Caribbean history to high school students close to my age in Kingston, Jamaica. I also served as a school principal in Brandon Hill for three years. I currently hold a bachelor's degree in marketing and another in gaming and simulation programming, as well as degrees in performing arts and an AA in information technology and computer science. Additionally, I completed my NICCM National Administrator's Credential Director's Credential from UAF Community & Technical College.

With over twenty years of experience working with youth in different parts of the world, I will continue to inspire and motivate through my writing and speaking, always striving to make a positive impact on young lives.